Asia-Pacific Energy Group
APEG's Vision:

To create a sustainable energy future by introducing economically-sound and technically appropriate, clean energy solutions for us and for future generations.
APEG is a US-based energy group that operates in several Asia and Pacific countries as well as in Europe and Africa. Comprising a team of international engineers, energy specialists, policy experts, and utility advisors the Group draws on a network of regional and international associates to offer a broad range of services in the energy sector. In 2012 APEG has opened an office in the Philippines where the company will focus on providing energy solutions for PICO household systems as well as for
Within the sustainable and renewables space APEG covers project grant writing and financing, project development, CDM/JI development roles, engineering, and all other areas related to the wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass, carbon and GHG markets. The APEG consultants and associates have in-depth technical expertise in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, electrification planning and implementation experience, including standards development, innovative electrification implementation methodologies and institutional issues relating to rural electrification organization and management. Furthermore APEG offers services to the energy sector in terms of commercial development, regulatory assistance, tariff structures and electricity industry restructuring. APEG has also consulted extensively of feasibility studies, business and financial planning, to various companies and Government Ministries.
MW utility scale power plants.