Asia-Pacific Energy Group
Our Clients
We value our clients greatly. They are the sense of our existence. Meeting their requirements is the goal of our actions. And their smiles are the best reward for our efforts.
Among our clients are, but not limited to:

-Asian Development Bank (ADB)
-European Investment Bank (EIB)
-World Bank (WB)
-ING Bank

Government Agencies:
-FSM National Government
-BPPT (Indonesia)
-European Union
-Yap State Government
-Chuuk State Government
-Pohnpei State Government
-Kosrae State Government
-TESDA (Phillippines)​

-Yap State Public Service Corporation (YSPSC)
-Kosrae Utility Authority (KUA)
-Pohnpei Utility Corporation (PUC)
-Chuuk State Utility Corportion (CPUC)
-Association of Micronesian Utilities (AMU)

-FSM telecomunications (FSMTC)
-Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Guam branch
-Satawal Island Community (Yap)
-Utwe Marine Park (Kosrae)
-Secretariat Pacific Community (SPC)
-Guam Community College (GCC)​