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Solar Energy ....
Solar PV Systems are environmental friendly and help with decreasing the carbon emission in our fragile environment. The Solar Panels convert sunlight into electricity without having any CO2 emission. A big advantage of the solar panels is also that the generated electricity can be used directly without having long distribution lines, this will deliver direct savings at you electricity bills. There are several technical solutions – grid-connected systems, off-grid systems, hybrid systems, back-up systems etc.

Purchasing Solar Systems through APEG
We make the purchase of solar systems very easy and affordable as we believe strongly in the future of our planet and see solar energy as one of the solutions to our dependency of a fossil fuel based energy generation. We have almost 20 years of experience in the solar business and promote worldwide the use of it, in rural and urban areas.

If you want to purchase a PV system or want to lease one we can assist. For utility scale systems or commercial systems we can look into a Power Purchase Agreement structures or turn-key solutions.

APEG can provide you a solution that suits your needs and wallet. Some options are:

In this concept you buy the solar system. This means the generated electricity is yours and thus you save directly on the electricity bill. APEG can assist you with the design and offers the best value for money. Also installation and O&M can be done by our highly qualified technicians.

With this concept you take a loan for the purchase of for solar system. The monthly cost of the loan will be in most cases lower than the kWh rate you are paying currently to the electricity provider. The loans can be short term (5 years) or longer (max. 20 years).
After paying of the loan the system is yours… including all it generated electricity.

Sun-Grants & Incentives

In certain countries you can apply for a grant. Contact our specialist who can assist in finding out what types of grants or incentives are applicable in your country.

Sun-Feed-In tariffs

Solar Energy is worth money. In a lot of countries the governments and utilities have a Feed-In Tariff for solar. What does that mean?
​Basically all the electricity generated by the solar system that you don’t use will be exported to the general electricity grid. The electricity provider will purchase this power from you for an agreed tariff. In other countries the electricity meter just will spin backwards.

We can help you to look into this and advice what is applicable in your country/region.